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Choosing a Baby Seat

The right advice to keep your precious child safe and sound.

How Do Shoulder Height Markers Work?

Shoulder height markers help parents and carers to determine if a child restraint is suitable for their child an when the child needs to move to the next type of restraint.

Height Markers

Height Markers

Height Over Age

Age Recommendation

All infants and children should be seated in a suitable restraint when travelling in a car for their own safety. Therefore it is paramount that you select the right car seat for your newborn, ensure it is fitted and secured correctly and know how to adjust it to fit it as they grow.

Tips & warnings

  • Only ever purchase and use an Australian Standards approved product. The most recent Safety Standard for baby seats and child restraints is AS/NZS 1754. Any product with that badge has passed extensive testing with increased focus around head protection.
  • Road Safety laws across Australia and New Zealand state that all children must be harnessed or in an approved restraint until seven years of age when travelling in a car.
  • Look for products with a seatbelt guide to ensure proper fitment.
  • A Convertible Car Seat is a good longer lasting option as it is used facing towards the rear until your child reaches the height markers that mean it’s time to change. Your child can then use the seat facing forward until they outgrow the top height marker.
  • You can ask us in store about fitting accessories.

Before You Start

Do your research and determine what design and safety level is right for you and your car. It might be worthwhile to take note of the contour of your car’s backseats and the room you have is at a comfortable distance between the front and back seats. Also consider passengers in adjacent seats and the room you’ll need to fit and remove the seat as well as load and unload your baby from day to day.

Even though they grow so fast, it’s also helpful to measure the height of your child to get a perfect fit from the start!

Supercheap Auto stocks a great range of baby seats and restraints including (but not limited to): Convertible Car Seats, Harnessed Booster Seats & Unharnessed Booster Seats.


Australian Safety Standard approved products use height and age to determine children's seat requirements. Height markers have been introduced to all recently tested products which allow children to be fitted to the correct seat for their size. It is important to make sure your child is correctly aligned in the baby seat with the headrest comfortably supporting their head.

Baby seats are appropriate for newborns and up, until they outgrow the height markers and product specified weight range and require a larger booster seat, usually around 4 years of age.

Booster seats are designed for children from 4 to 7 years of age, and can be used with a restraint or harness until the child reaches the height marker labels. From then onwards, they can be used as a booster seat in conjunction with the car’s standard seatbelt.


The products are quite easy to fit but occasionally you’ll need some fitting accessories to make the job easier, such as vehicle anchor kits and extension straps.

Generally they function and are installed in the same way, but it is best to refer to your seat user manual for the correct installation guide for you.