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Battery Solutions 

Battery Solutions

We know how important it is to have power when you need it most. Battery related problems can and will happen at the most inconvenient times.

Whether it's the morning commute, heading out on the water or getting away with the family camping it's essential that the batteries powering your life are performing at their best. Here at Supercheap Auto we don't just stock a range of quality batteries and power accessories, we also offer all the Services needed to make your life easier and give you peace of mind next time you turn the key. So before you get stuck head to your local Supercheap Auto store where:

  • We Test It
  • We Charge It
  • We Select It
  • We Fit It
  • We Recycle It

Battery Testing

To get a good indication of the health of your battery, our team provide a test and report for FREE.

This health check with our Industry Standard Tester identifies current power performance against rated performance and determines if you need a new battery or it needs charging and maintenance.

Drop into your local store today and speak with one of our friendly Team Members who can complete this for you in under 10 minutes.

Battery Charging

Simply driving your car around the block a few times is not enough to charge the battery in a modern vehicle.

This is because a car's alternator is not designed to fully restore a depleted battery, but rather to maintain a healthy one.

Correctly charging a battery is the easiest way to help restore battery performance, extend battery life and minimise the chance of a breakdown.

Here at Supercheap Auto our trained team use an Intelligent Charging System using technology that communicates with the battery to ascertain its state of health and level of charge. It then delivers a balanced charging load and optimised charge program for each specific battery.

Whether it's an automotive, marine or deep cycle battery our trained Team are here to help and charge it ready for your next adventure. And best of all, IT'S FREE!

Battery Selection

Batteries come in all different shapes and sizes and it can be quite daunting to know which is the right one for your car, our team are here to help make the selection easier.

Head in to one of our stores we have the tools to advise the best battery option, or shop online by adding your car details and use our click and collect service for a speedy collection and fitment.

Battery Fitment

*Fitment is not available in all stores and vehicles, please see Terms & Conditions below for more information

Notice for Customers: Due to the changes in our normal trading conditions, fitments and services may not be available at your local store without prebooking. To avoid disappointment please contact your local store for availablility and to secure a convenient booking time.

Yes, we can fit it for you. The trained team at your local Supercheap Auto store can provide professional installation of your new battery and removal of your old battery.

We also preserve your computer memory of security codes and radio presets.

Car battery replacement doesn’t have to be difficult, we can do it for you.

Just $15

  • Installation performed by a fully qualified team member
  • Removal and recycling of your old battery
  • Inspection and cleaning of the battery cable terminal ends and battery tray
  • Battery cable terminals chemically cleaned
  • Acid neutralising felt washers installed
  • Protective sealant grease applied to terminals
  • Preserved computer memory
  • Complete starting and charging evaluation
  • 3 month extended warranty on any battery fitted by our trained Team

Battery Recycling

Did You Know? 98% of an automotive battery can be recycled!

The components of the battery including plastic, lead and acid are re-processed and manufactured into a range of other products.

To avoid the cost and inconvenience of disposal, at Supercheap Auto, we offer a FREE battery recycling service.Simply take your used battery to any of our stores, and your lead acid battery will be recycled by Century Yuasa free of charge!

Terms And Conditions

All Fitments & Services are subject to Terms & Conditions. Click Here to View all T&C's *Fitment is not available in the following stores; Bondi, Bowen, Dalby, Goulburn, Ingham and Swan Hill. *Fitment is not available for all vehicles, pre-inspection may be required for some vehicles.