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Batteries & Electrical

How To Replace A Battery

Tips & tricks for a simple battery replacement

Car Cleaning

How To Wash a Car the Right Way

Washing your car is pretty straightforward, but here are a few tips to get the job done right.

4WD & Adventure

How To Install a 4WD Awning

Installing an awning doesn't have to be difficult, here is a simple guide to help!

Car Cleaning

Removing Scratches or Swirl Marks

If you've acquired a few swirl marks or scratches there is an easy fix.


Installing a Headunit

The headunit is the driver of your cars' stereo

Batteries & Electrical

How To Wire an LED Light Bar

Aftermarket driving lights like spot lights and LED light bars offer the ultimate driving light solution for every vehicle. Find out how easy they are to install!

Safety & Accessories

How To Choose and Install Wheel Covers

If you have steel wheels with missing or damaged covers, here's a great guide to choosing and installing new covers