What you'll need
  • Basic mechanical tools
  • Wire strippers and terminal crimper
  • Crimp connectors
  • Cable ties
  • Electrical tape
  • Heat gun and heat shrink
  • New lights and/or wiring

Step 1 - Connect trailer

Connect your trailer to the tow vehicle, providing a stable workspace.

Step 2 – Run new wiring

Run the 6 or 7 core trailer harness down one side of the trailer - through the chassis rail on the underside of the trailer, or attached the wires to the trailer frame using cable ties.

Trim off unnecessary excess from the end.

Step 3 – Strip insulation

Strip 1cm of insulation from all wires.

Step 4 – Mount new trailer lights

Remove the two lights from the trailer light kit.

Mount one light to either side of the trailer in the same location as the old lights, taking note of the requirement for the numberplate light. One light in the kit will typically contain a clear plastic section on one side for this purpose.

Each light will have bolts fitted or spare holes allowing for fitment. Slide the bolts or screws through the holes in the trailer. Secure the lights.

Step 5 – Connect wiring

Connect the wires from the lights to the new wiring.

Before connecting each wire slide an appropriately sized piece of heat shrink over each wire.

Connect each colour wire on a light to the corresponding wire of the same colour on the trailer wiring.

Slide the heat shrink over the join and apply heat to seal.

Repeat for second light.

Step 6 – Test

Connect the trailer plug to the socket on the tow vehicle and test the lights.

Once you are happy with the end result, seal all connections with electrical tape to keep moisture and dirt from entering.

Click here to download a PDF version of this How-To.