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How to Check All Your Items Are Packed Securely

It’s really important that there aren’t any loose objects in your car.

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How to Check Brake Fluid & Power Steering Fluid

These two items aren’t talked about as often as they should be. But both are really important

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How to Check For Clues

Obviously, a car can’t talk to you to let you know when it’s feeling unwell. But it can give to some clues

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How to Check Your Coolant

Unless you’re driving an old VW Beetle, chances are your car’s engine is water cooled. This means that the engine needs coolant to keep it cool

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How to Check Your Indicators, Brake & Head Lights

Obviously, your car’s lights are important. So you’ll need to check these to make sure they are all working

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How to Check Your Oil

Your car needs oil to help vital metal parts move, so you’ll need to check the oil level and top up the oil if the level has dropped. Here’s how you do it.

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How to Check Your Tyres

You need to make sure that the tyres are all inflated correctly and have decent tread

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How to Check Your Windscreen Wipers

Your level of visibility is already compromised when it’s raining, so increase this handy cap further by persisting with worn out wiper blades

General Tips

Importance Of Replacing Tyres Regularly

In this article, we will cover the benefits of regurlarly replacing your tyres.