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The Ultimate Detail Clean For Your House

We look into the reasons why and how you should pressure wash your house

Pressure Washer

What Else Can I Clean Around the House?

If you’re on a roll with some long put off tasks around the home, why stop at just sweeping the pavement? Cleaning the windows, emptying the gutters, scrubbing the deck, or even removing years of built up grime from the pavement.

These tasks and plenty more can be tackled in a fraction of the time with a Pressure Washer!

Aside from being immensely satisfying to use, and more efficient with your time, a pressure washer uses less water than just waving the garden hose around.

What is a Good PSI for a Pressure Washer?

Even just a small, inexpensive unit in the 1300 to 1900 PSI range can get a lot done. Washing your windows is a great start! First of all, you’ll want to apply some soap to the window.

A detergent application feature is a typical feature on most mid to high range pressure washers but if yours doesn’t have one; just apply it with a spray bottle.

Pressure Washer

If your machine has a selection of nozzles, choose a medium to wide spray pattern and hit the window at a 45-degree angle. No scrubbing required! Just be mindful of applying pressure near gaps where water could pass through and avoid areas of rubber trim or sealant.

While you’re at it, you may as well line up the outdoor furniture and give it a going over too.

Up on the roof, it’s important to keep your gutters clean especially if they gather rainwater for drinking. This job is also in the realm of your smaller pressure washers.

Remove built up leaves and place them in a bucket, then go all the way through with a medium spray pattern and watch the mud and soil peel away. While you’re up there, maybe the roof could use a bit of a clean? Take a before and after photo and show off the massive boost to your street appeal.

The smallest pressure washers will remove light soil build up, but for well-established moss and mildew you’ll want some more power. 2000 to 3000 PSI will do the trick! Rinse the loosened muck off the roof and gutters and you’ve got spotless rainwater collection again.

Pressure Washer
Pressure Washer

You’ll quickly realise the value of a larger pressure washer down on the ground too. Those dark and shady corners of paving or concrete are prone to slimy moss and mildew build ups. A high-powered cleaner will blast these away quick and really brighten up pokey corners.

Thanks to your efforts on the roof, street appeal is boosted! But it’s not complete without brightening up the driveway. Throw together a simple home-made cleaning solution consisting of 5 litres of water, 1 cup of baking soda, and 2 tablespoons of detergent. This can be dispersed over the driveway as a spray. In fact it’s also great for use on the roof and pavement, and is entirely environmentally friendly.

Now hit the driveway with a high powered pressure washer. If oil stains remain, a little squirt of SCA degreaser and some time to soak will reduce the appearance of these, if not remove them completely!

And finally, you don’t want to park a dirty car in front of that clean house, do you? A fully featured pressure washer can apply suds to your vehicle, and blast it clean in a quarter the time it would usually take! And for four wheel drive owners, need we say ‘MUD’?

Add a pressure washer to your cleaning arsenal and make your home sparkle like new.