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How To Get The Best Out Of Your Bissell SpotClean

Quick tips to using a Bissell SpotClean Shampoo Cleaner

Bissell SpotClean

What is a Spot Cleaner?

The SpotClean Auto from Bissell is a great little tool that takes the hassle out of keeping your vehicle’s carpet and upholstery clean. In order to get the most out of your carpet and upholstery cleaner, and ensure that it is able to tackle your interior cleaning jobs with ease, there are a few steps you need to take to set up your SpotClean.

If you are having issues with suction, spraying or even leaks there are a few quick troubleshooting steps that you should follow - so check out the guide below in order to make sure that your Bissell SpotClean is operating properly.

Learn more about removing stains from carpet and upholstery.

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How To Assemble a Bissell Spotclean

Assembling your portable upholstery and carpet cleaning machine correctly is a fairly simple process, and can be done in a few minutes by following these steps:

Start by clipping the flex-hose holder into the opening on the front of your cleaner. It should slide upwards and into place without needing excess force, and you should hear a definite click when it has locked into place.

Next slot the hose grip bracket into the slot on the right hand side of the rear of the machine. It should fit snugly into the correct mounting hole, and will click into place when it is properly attached. Make sure that you push on the bracket’s mounting point and not on the actual grip holder in order to prevent damage.

Similarly, the cord holder will slot into another mounting hole on the left hand side of the machine’s rear housing. Just like before, this should click into place without too much resistance. Once you’ve attached the cord rack, wrap the power cable around it snugly, but not too tight.

If applicable, mount the second tool holding attachment into the rectangular hole between the hose grip and cable rack brackets. It should slot in and again, click into place. Simply store an extra cleaning tool attachment on the holding post to keep it right where you need it.

Clip your chosen cleaning tool into the end of the flex hose, making sure to mount it the right way around. Then wrap the flex hose around the base of the Spotclean, and snap the hose grip into the bracket.

How To Fill the Clean Water Tank on a Bissell SpotClean

Filling the clean water tank on your SpotClean carpet and upholstery cleaning machine is a super simple process. By following these steps you can be sure that your cleaner will have an adequate supply of water and upholstery cleaning solution mix - ready to tackle the toughest automotive upholstery stains:

To remove the water tank, lift it straight upwards, and pull it away from the unit. Make sure you avoid twisting the tank in its housing.

Pull on the black rubber tab to reveal the tank opening, and rotate the plug out of the way for easier filling.

Your tank is marked for a large stain or a small stain. Based on your cleaning needs, fill the tank with hot tap water up to the appropriate water fill line. Add BISSELL 2X formula to the formula fill line. Add 29.5ML of Oxygen Boost formula or a cap of the full size Oxygen Boost formula.

Note: Do not boil or microwave the water. Max 60℃

Replace the plug by rotating it around then gently pressing it into the fill hole.

To reattach the tank, first line up the indentations on the bottom of the tank with the equivalent slots in the base of the machine, then push the tank down firmly into position until you hear it click.

What To Do if your Bissell SpotClean is Leaking

If you find that your Spotclean machine is leaking, the following tips and steps should give your some guidence to sloving the issue:

The first thing to do is to track down the source of your leak. Thoroughly check your flex hose and tanks for cracks or damage. If any component is damaged, it will need to be replaced by a qualified technician in a Bissell service centre in order to stop the leak. If there is no damage, simply reconnecting the tanks might stop the leak, but otherwise move on to the next steps.

If the machine is leaking from the sides or base of the unit, particularly when it is running, then remove and inspect the dirty water tank for cracks, damage or blockages. Clear away any fluff, dirt or debris that may be preventing the tank from sealing correctly

Next, remove the float stack from the dirty water tank, then flush the tank out thoroughly with clean water.

Remove the black “duck-bill” gasket and check for any dirt, sand or debris. Rinse the gasket and the float stack thoroughly, then replace the gasket by pressing all the sides into place.

Make sure that the float stack is securely locked into the dirty water tank by lining the arrow up with the lock symbol, and check that the dirty water tank plug is firmly seated in place at the top of the tank.

Double check the black gasket on the bottom of the float stack before replacing the tank in the SpotClean unit. Hopefully these steps have solved your leak, but if you are still having issues then contact Bissell consumer care to have your SpotClean checked by a qualified technician.

What To Do if your SpotClean has Reduced or No Spray

If you find that your SpotClean is suffering from either reduced or no spray, then there are usually a few quick steps you can follow to fix your Bissell SpotClean machine:

Detach your current tool from the handle, turn the machine on and press the trigger. If the water flows freely then your tool may be blocked, however if it doesn’t then use an unfolded paper clip to gently clean out the spray nozzle in the handle.

If your tool is blocked, then check the end of the nozzle for caked on grime, and give it a gentle clean with warm, soapy water.

Next, remove the float stack from the dirty water tank, then flush the tank out thoroughly with clean water.

Double check that you haven’t run out of water in your clean water tank. If there is sufficient water, then simply remove the tank and push on the sealing insert on the bottom of the tank to check whether water can flow out. If water isn’t flowing and a gentle cleaning doesn’t help, a new tank may be needed.

The pump might need to be primed after cleaning out your unit - simply lift the water tank out and squeeze the trigger a few times to make sure the pump runs. If you’re still having issues after trying all of the above steps, then don’t hesitate to contact the Bissell consumer care team to have your SpotClean unit checked out.

What To Do if your SpotClean has Low Suction

If you find that your SpotClean machine is having trouble sucking up the cleaning solution, the following few tips may help correct it:

The first thing to check is your technique - the SpotClean nozzles work best when they are making proper contact with your upholstery. Make sure you position your nozzle flat against the surface to be cleaned, and tilt it a little forward for better suction. Make sure you are cleaning smaller areas at a time so that your machine can more efficiently suck the cleaning solution up.

Check your dirty water tank. Make sure it isn’t full, clogged or damaged. Empty your tank, and give it a rinse out. Make sure that the float stack is locked in place, with the arrow correctly lined up with the lock symbol. Similarly, make sure that the dirty water tank plug is sealing correctly, and that the black “duck-bill” gasket is properly seated into the float stack and free from dirt, grit and other contaminants.

Carefully check for any cracks or clogs in the flex hose. With the tool removed, try sucking water out of a cup to ensure that it flows properly. Lift the handle to allow all the water to flow into the dirty water tank.

Double check that you haven’t run out of water in your clean water tank. If there is sufficient water, then simply remove the tank and push on the sealing insert on the bottom of the tank to check whether water can flow out. If water isn’t flowing and a gentle cleaning doesn’t help, a new tank may be needed.

Lastly, remove the dirty water tank and check for suction in the base of the unit by pressing your thumb over the black rectangular openings while the machine is switched on. If there is no suction or you have damage to the machine, please contact Bissell consumer care for a quality inspection.