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Ways we can help bushfire affected communities

We list a bunch of ideas that can help those in need

Australia is a beautiful, unique country with so much to give. The bushfires have affected many communities across the country. Over the Christmas period of 2019/20, local produce shops, cafes, pubs, parks and hotels have been massively affected as holiday plans were cancelled. Instead of travelling overseas or the usual spot this Easter, consider visiting a rural bushfire affected community to show your support and help them keep the doors open. Below we have listed a few ways you can help support bushfire affected communities.

Ute on the Beach

Plan a road trip to a town affected by bush fires and commit

Instead of heading overseas these holidays, why not see more of our beautiful country and plan a trip somewhere remote. Speak with your travel agent, accommodation provider, tourism operators and local visitor information centres for advice about local conditions and how to best experience the area. Also, check out the Australian Tourism website for more information about each state.

Stay in the Bush

A day trip is good, but it’s a great idea to stay in the small towns to give your support and have a great time. With over 280 parks, top parks and 1000‘s of retreats and youcamp sites, there’s something special for everyone to experience. You'll see more stars at night the further away from the city you are. We'd recommend a good ol Swag.

Camping Lakeside with sunset

Spread the word

Let everyone know what you're planning for your next holiday in the bush. Why not get friends and family involved and make it a group experience. Share your excitement on social media and get more people involved.

Reschedule your holiday

If you cancelled your holiday before christmas, reschedule somewhere you’ve never been before and don’t cancel. Many of the areas affected haven’t seen business over the Christmas holidays, they need your support to keep the doors open.

Fridge in back of Ute

Bring an Empty Esky

Bring an Empty Esky to fill up on the local produce, wine, spirits and snacks from the affected communities. This way you'll be able to not only get a great feed, but you'll be supporting the butchers, grocers, markets and vineyards that need it most.

Look for a cook

If you don’t feel like cooking, look for a cook! Spend your time at the local Pubs, Cafés and Resturants and try the unique local foods & wines from the areas. You might get the goss on what's happening in the area and see what else might be going on.

4x4 sign with gravel roads

Buy in the Bush

Consider purchasing beautifully handcrafted souvenirs from the affected communities. From woodcraft to works of art, there's something beautiful and practical for everyone. Every purchase helps these small businesses put food on the table and pay the bills allowing communities to focus on rebuilding.

Visit Sanctuaries to support conservation

Australia’s wildlife has been affected massively by the bushfires. You can help by visiting parks and sanctuaries across the country. Then check out the many wildlife experiences that remain open to travellers and get a few cute pictures of our amazing wildlife.

Girl sitting on ute with surf board

Be a mate and say g’day!

Extend a hand of Mateship to those affected and be thoughtful. Although most of the fires are out, those who have had their homes, businesses and land destroyed will never forget. Make sure to be respectful, considerate and compassionate as they start to rebuild.

Share your experiences

Share your unforgettable experiences on social media using Hashtags, GeoTags, Locations and let your friends know about the great times you’ve had. Showcasing the experiences you've had will drive others to do the same and together we can make a difference.

4x4 in the bush

Be water wise and follow drought restrictions

Although rural areas have seen fire and floods over the last few months, make sure to understand if there are any restrictions and follow the guidelines set by the communities. Some communities are still in drought and are waiting for the rain not only to come but to hang around for a few days/weeks.

Help with the clean up

We love our country, and the slightest bit of rubbish can reflect badly on all of us. Be a tidy Aussie and pick up any rubbish you find, every little bit counts to ensure the communities look the part. Also consider recycling correctly as well, hold onto cans and plastic bottles till you find a recycle bin to save everything going into landfill.

Caravan being towed

Consider Donating

Donating to charities is a good way to help if you're not planning on visiting the affected communities. Even if you are visiting, maybe ask the locals which charities you should donate to. Check out the Australian Tourism Website for more great ideas for travel and ways to support your rural communities.