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1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser

January 2020 Calendar Winner - Brian R - W.A

January 2020 Calendar Winner - Brian R - W.A
1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser

JAN 2020 Club Calendar Winner - Brian R - W.A

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Front On

What does the vehicle mean to you?

The BJ is the end result of four years of work. Even though I’ve no experience or knowledge in doing anything like this I set myself a challenge to do a ground up restoration. I did 99% of the work myself and along the way learnt such things as welding, spray painting the body and everything mechanical in between. It wasn’t always easy but the satisfaction of doing it yourself was well worth it and also saved heaps of money.

The engine is a 3.4L diesel that I bought separately (original was seized). No particular mods to it other than I stripped it completely and rebuilt it with lots of new parts, liners, bearings, pistons, cylinder head etc. Basically a ‘new’ old engine that should be good for another 500k.

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Side On

Where is your favourite place to drive the vehicle?

Probably our favourite drive is down the coast road of the Indian Ocean to Fremantle, around 50km from where we live. It’s a beautiful drive for the views and smells of the sea especially in an open top vehicle. I modified a cage to fit on the back so the dog can go too.

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Engine Bay

Engine: 3B - 3.4L Diesel

Engine Mods: Completely rebuilt, good for another 500,000kms

Exhaust: Original

Gearbox: Refurbished 4 Speed

Wheels/tyres: 7x15 ROH alloys fitted with 235/75 R15 BF Goodrich All Terrain

HP/kW Power Rating: Power, or lack of, is around 90hp (67kw)

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Drivers Seat

What would you like to do next on your vehicle?

There’s not a lot I’d change with my shorty. Sometimes I think I’d like to add a turbo for some extra oomph and maybe a 5 speed gearbox. I’ll probably keep her as she is but I’ve got the bug now and would love to restore something else. To all those people that dream of doing something like this my advice is go ahead and give it your best shot. Sure it can be frustrating and hard at times but to achieve something in the end is well worth it.

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Chassis

What do you like best about your vehicle?

One of the things we like best of the BJ is the smiles and waves we get from total strangers as we cruise around. Little children also love to see our car too as it’s something quite different. Definitely a happy car.

What is your favourite Supercheap Auto product to use on your vehicle?

My favourite Supercheap Auto product has got to be Septone. I used lots of different items from their extensive range in restoring the BJ and was always happy with the results. It’s a good quality product and gets my recommendation.

1979 Toyota BJ40 Landcruiser - Rear view

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