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1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster

October 2020 Calendar Winner - Barry G - SA

October 2020 Calendar Winner - Barry G - SA
1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster

1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster

OCT 2020 Club Calendar Winner - Barry G - S.A

1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster - Front On

What does the vehicle mean to you?

This vehicle represents a combination of nostalgia, family history, a passion for Heritage vehicles, and determination to carry out something productive in retirement. The first vehicle I owned was a 1926 Chevrolet tourer. It was purchased in 1957, and was influenced to some degree by my Grandfather’s first motor vehicle, a four cylinder Chevrolet utility which he purchased new at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in 1929. I’ve always had a passion for motor vehicles, have been a member of the Parkes Antique Motor Club for quite some time, and a committee member of the NSW Council of Heritage Motor Clubs for the last six years.

I purchased the Roadster as a restoration project. It was completely dismantled, and had been previously cut back to a utility and used in Uralla NSW. Although I have no automotive trade skills, I undertook the restoration determined to carry out as much work as I could using my own hands. During the restoration I repaired and painted body panels; undertook minor mechanical repairs prior to re-assembly of the chassis and drivetrain; carried out upholstery of the interior; and fabricated the folding hood. Reconditioning of the motor was the only significant task let out to the motor trade, although I had much help and advice from people involved in the Heritage Vehicle movement.

Where is your favourite place to drive the vehicle?

I most enjoy participating in events conducted by the Heritage Vehicle movement, or in conjunction with organisations such as the National Trust or local Heritage Councils. These activities mostly involve visits to historic, significant or interesting places, and showcase Heritage Vehicles to the wider community

1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster - Engine Bay

Engine:171 c.i.d cross flow overhead valve four cylinder. (Chevrolet only ever produced valve-in-head motors)

  • White metal bearings cast integral to Connecting Rods and Main Bearing caps.
  • Splash lubrication to crankshaft and camshaft.
  • Valve gear lubricated via a saturated felt pad charged manually through openings in the top of the valve cover.
  • Fuel drawn by Vacuum Tank then gravity fed to single Carter Carburettor.
  • Manual spark advance via steering wheel control.

Gearbox: Manual non-synchromesh three speed and reverse

Wheels/tyres: Timber spoked wheels with steel rims and 4.50 x 21” tubed cross ply tyres.Mechanical brakes on rear wheels only

HP/kW Power Rating: 26hp @2,000 rpm

1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster - Drivers Seat

What would you like to do next on your vehicle?

Attend the Australian Historic Motoring Federations\’s 2020 National Motoring Tour, centred on Albury in late March/early April 2020.

What do you like best about your vehicle?

Although Chevrolet was the second largest selling vehicle in 1926 (to Ford), my roadster is somewhat rare. At that time, most vehicles were 5 seater tourers, and it is estimated that in 1926, only a few hundred Chevrolet roadsters were produced in Australia, almost all with bodies by Holdens Motor Body Builders. Some variations from known Holden bodied Chevrolets indicate that my vehicle was originally bodied elsewhere, possibly by Millers Body Works in Sydney.

1926 Chevrolet Superior V Roadster - Rear View

Anything else you would like to add?

Whilst I love my 1926 Chev. I’m also passionate about all Heritage vehicles, and Australia’s impressive motoring history.

What is your favourite Supercheap Auto product to use on your vehicle?

Because of the age and nature of my Chev, there are not many parts or accessories in the Supercheap catalogue that suit it. However, during the restoration, I used many Supercheap panel and paint products and tools. Caring and maintaining its appearance and performance means that I rely on the Supercheap range of car care products and lubricants. My favourite is SCA Cream polish. It maintains the finish of the paintwork with a minimum of effort.

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