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Bolster Your Home Security

Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home. Here’s some simple tips, and easy projects to bolster your home security.

In this fast moving world security options are vast and more affordable than ever. But it’s not just fancy gadgets you should consider. There are plenty of old tricks in the book which are still relevant today. So whether you consider yourself fairly security conscious, or you’ve never really thought about it; there’s definitely something here for you.

Landscaping the yard? Consider security

Yep, you can landscape your garden to deter thieves. A home that can be snuck around quietly and out of sight is heaven to a burglar. So work a little gravel into your pathways for a nice loud CRUNCH under foot, and trim back or remove any bushes which could conceal a burglar entering doors or windows. If you really want to get creative (and have a love of cacti), a prickly succulent garden under a window is a nice touch.

Padlock the gates

Too often gates are left unlocked because it’s just an inconvenience to fiddle with a bunch of keys all the time. But lock them up, and it’s suddenly not worth the hassle to wrestle a stolen pushbike over the fence. To make your life easier (and the locks more effective), invest in heavy duty weatherproof padlocks in a multi pack if possible. Multi packs are keyed alike which is less fumbling around for you!


Create home-made chocks for your sliding windows

If your home doesn’t feature dead bolts on the windows, they stand no chance against a pry bar. All you need here is a hacksaw or wood saw, a length of wood or steel tube; and a measuring tape.

Your piece of bar or wood needs to be roughly the same width as the channel your window slides in. Measure the distance along this too and knock a couple of millimetres off this measurement, it doesn’t need to be a tight fit.

Cut the wood or steel tube to this length and just slot it into the channel when your window is closed. There you have it! Burglar proof windows.

Security lights

You’ve landscaped well, but there’s still the cover of darkness you need to eliminate. 15 years ago you’d need an electrician to wire up security lights.

Now with the growing power and efficiency of LED, a solar charging battery powered model will do all you need. Mount it on a gutter, fence or wall and play around with the sensor direction so it only detects movement where you want.

It’ll light up the whole yard if unusual movement is detected.

Camera install

Install security cameras & alarms

Here’s another thing that’s taken technicians out of the picture as both now exist as completely wireless and rechargeable solutions.

Just like the alarm system you’re used to seeing, a wireless alarm system has a keypad, motion sensors and an outdoor siren unit. However, there’s also a connection to your home WiFi which allows you to activate, deactivate and monitor the system from your smart phone.

The camera system boasts a similar basket of tricks, but of course you can watch a live feed from each camera on your smart phone. Some systems pile on extra features such as a security light, microphone AND speaker; so you can talk to whoever is nearby.

Going away? Your vacant home shouldn’t be a thief magnet

Action a few of these measures and your home will be much safer:

  • Leave a light on. LED light globes draw a tiny amount of energy.
  • Or do it more convincingly with some smart home equipment to switch lights and appliances automatically.
  • Have a neighbour empty the mailbox, stacks of junk mail are a dead giveaway.
  • Also have a neighbour take the bins in, and maybe even park in your driveway.
  • Spare key? Get more creative than the door mat or the pot plant. Honestly, you’d be surprised just how common it is!

If you want to take home security further, there’s plenty more you can sink into. Sometimes all it takes is to take a step back, think like the thief for a moment; and implement the change. But hey, completing even one task on this list is another step safer than before.