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Replacing A Cabin Air Filter

Some have never heard of a cabin air filter, others have just never changed one. Let’s learn about it!

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What is a Cabin Air Filter? & What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

Your engine needs to breathe clean air right? And for that there’s a filter which is changed at regular intervals. But what about the occupants of the vehicle? Leaves, dust, bugs, soot, fumes, spores and pollen are just a few things you can expect to enter your cabin without an air filter.

When Should I Change a Cabin Air Filter?

This depends on your typical driving conditions, and intervals recommended by your vehicle service book. The manufacturer may recommend anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 kilometres, but if you drive a lot of dusty roads; you may even need to do it sooner. If it’s neglected too long you may begin to notice bad odours, reduced fan performance or even allergic and asthmatic reactions if you’re prone.

How Do I Change the Cabin Air Filter?

Generally it’s just as easy as replacing the air filter under your bonnet! You can find the right cabin air filter and parts for your vehicle by using the My Garage tab at the top of this web page. All you need to do is punch in your rego and state or search by make, model and year. Once this is completed you will be suggested the right products to suit/fit your vehicle while searching our site.

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What you'll Need:

Once you find one to suit your vehicle, you may be presented with a few options. Some filters will block particles as small as pollen and dust, others will go even finer to filter soot, exhaust gas and odours. Some filter types can even stop allergens, mould, bacteria and viruses in their tracks!

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Locate your old cabin air filter. Most of the time it’s under the dash on the passenger side. For some vehicles you’ll need to remove the glove box to access it, which is pretty easy. Others will just have a hatch under the dash which is easier still!

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Remove the old filter and get ready for the following BONUS STEP if you’re interested. Take it easy removing the old filter. If it hasn’t been changed in a while they can be chock full of bugs, leaves and dust. Clean out the filter chamber if any of these contaminants remain.

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Next, get your hands on a ventilation system cleaner, also known as air con cleaner and set it off in the vehicle. Leave the cabin filter chamber empty for now, but put the cover back in place.

Run the air conditioner on recirculation mode, and set this off in the car like a bug bomb (don’t remain in the vehicle, it’ll be unpleasant to say the least!). The spray will circulate through the system killing any mould and bacteria, and leaving you with a fresh smell throughout.

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Whack your new filter in place, and reassemble the glove compartment.

How easy was that!? That fresh air conditioning is now entirely safe to breath and it smells great too! There’s plenty more tasks you can do just as easily in your driveway, so hop to the next DIY task an see what else you could accomplish.