What you'll need
  • Jockey wheel
  • Suitable U-bracket, for swing models, or suitable bracket for fixed models
  • Support stands or vehicle fitted with tow bar
  • Level surface

Step 1 - Locate mount point

If no jockey wheel is currently fitted, locate an area on the draw bar where no other fixtures, fittings or wiring is mounted.

Place support stands underneath the draw bar or attach the trailer to a tow bar.

Step 2 – Attach U-brackets

On a swing away jockey wheel you will notice a number of holes in the mounting plate.

Holding the jockey wheel up to the draw bar, slide a u-bracket over the draw bar and through the appropriate holes in the mounting plate.

Tighten each of the nuts.

Step 3 - Lower Jockey Wheel

Test swing away operation by using the handle.

Step 4 - Adjust Height

Adjust jockey wheel height by turning the handle on top.

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