Visit your local Supercheap Auto or Parts Guide to find replacement shock absorbers for your car. If we don’t have them on the shelf we will be able to order them in within in a few days.

What you'll need
  • New rubber mounts
  • New shock absorbers
  • Spanner or socket set
Tips and warnings
  • Shock absorbers reduce suspension oscillations. They operate by forcing oil through small valves, converting the movement of the shock absorber into heat. Too much heat can cause the oil to thin reducing the effectiveness of its operation
  • The two most common types of shock absorbers are strut cartridges and telescopic shock absorbers - they have different replacement procedures so confirm in your owner’s manual which procedure is right for your car
  • It’s important to always replace shock absorbers and strut inserts in pairs – this ensures the suspension has the same characteristics for left and right sides
  • Always replace the rubber mounts when replacing shock absorbers – they isolate the shock absorbers from the vehicle body.

Telescopic Shock Absorbers

Step 1 - Remove telescopic shock absorber

If the shock absorber is not integrated with the strut assembly, make sure the vehicle weight is supported and then loosen the fasteners at the top and bottom of the shock absorber.

Slide the shock absorber away from the mounting boss and remove it from the vehicle.

Step 2 - Refit telescopic shock absorber

Fit the rubber mountings to both ends of the shock absorber and locate the unit on the vehicle. Fit the other half of the rubber mounts to the mounting boss and attach the fastener. Make sure you tighten the mounts to the manufacturers recommended torque.

Strut Type Shock Absorbers

Step 1 - Remove shock absorber from strut assembly

If the shock absorber is part of the whole strut assembly, you will need to remove that first before you can replace the shock absorber. Strut assemblies can be attached to the vehicle in a number of different ways, so refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the vehicle you are working on and follow the instructions in how to remove it.

Step 2 - Compress the spring

Mount the strut assembly securely in a vice ensuring that you do not damage the casing, and attach the spring compressors to the coil springs and compress the coils.

Step 3 - Remove the spring

Loosen and remove the nut that secures the top mount to the shaft. Remove the top mount and the upper spring cradle, and remove the spring.

Step 4 - Remove the cartridge

Loosen and remove the nut that locates the strut cartridge within the strut housing and withdraw the cartridge.

Step 5 - Fit the new the cartridge

Fit the new strut cartridge into the strut housing and tighten the securing nut.

Step 6 - Refit the spring

Fit the bump stop to the shaft and fit the compressed spring. Locate the upper cradle and top mount on the shaft and tighten the securing nut. Loosen the spring compressor while guiding the spring into its correct position within the upper and lower cradle.

Step 7 - Refit the strut assembly

Refer to the manual and follow the instructions on how to refit the strut assembly. Repeat the procedure for the strut assembly on the other side.

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