When darkness falls on the open road, or a night-time drive though the bush is in order; LED light bars open up a whole new world of night vision.

With their slim profile and numerous size options, light bars can be mounted just about anywhere.

Here's a guide to installing one on your vehicle.


Step 1 - Vehicle inspection and laws

Before considering any of these mounting options, make certain to check up on the relevant local laws governing the placement of auxiliary lighting on your vehicle.


The easiest position to mount your light bar is front and centre of the vehicle, on the bullbar if equipped.


Bull bars often have mounting holes for driving lights incorporated in their design, and many light bars have adjustable mounting points as is the case with the curved light bar from Ridge Ryder.


Simply assemble the mounts, position them to line up with the holes in the bullbar, and fasten the nylon nut underneath.


Wiring can easily be hidden away neatly by going through the vehicle grill.


Step 2 - Mounting

While mounting a light bar on the bullbar is often easiest, the roof mounted option is far more popular freeing up space on the bullbar for traditional driving lights.


Some roof rack manufacturers may have optional light bar mounting brackets like this ROLA titan roof tray which makes installation as simple as spinning a few spanners.


Where bolt on roof rack mounts are not an option, a little ingenuity and a few extra tools may be required. As with any DIY project, always measure twice and cut once.


Test fit, check measurements again and take your time. Ensure that your light bar has enough room to be adjusted up and down before committing to your installation.



Step 3 - Wiring and Test

Wiring can be run down the window rubber channel, or if your vehicle is equipped with one; follow the snorkel down the guard.


A full plug and play wiring harness to power your light bar is available at Supercheap Auto.


To aim the spread of light for best performance, locate a quiet stretch of road at night with no traffic.


With the vehicle pointed straight ahead, have an assistant operate the light bar, while keeping an eye out for other vehicles.


Loosen the adjustment screws and tilt the bar up or down until the optimum spread is achieved – then tighten the screws back up.


With your new light bar installed, you’ll turn night into daylight and wonder how you ever survived without one!


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